What does it consist of?

This is another citizen science project, in which we collect data about supertasters.But, what are supertasters?

Supertasters are people who detect better sweet flavors (preferably vegetables, like cauliflowers) and bitter flavors (like broccoli or coffee), even same supertasters can detect better enhanced spicy flavors.

This happens because they have more taste buds  (of the group fungiforms) than normal.


The term supertaster was originated when in a lab, a chemical compound called feniltiocarbamida (PTC) was released, and some of the people present detected a sweet flavor in the air (supertasters) while others didn’t detect anything (nontasters or normal tasters).

What does it consist of?

Our project consists on the recollection of data for doing a percentage of the number of supertasters and nontasters.

Colaborate with us!

To do it you must follow the following steps;


1.Download our app Epicollect 5


2.initiate the app and push the symbol plus up to the right and write the name of our projet; Supertaster.


3.Touch the icon of download up to the right, and once in the project touch the sign plus up to the right for add a new entry.







4.Next, follow the steps that we have given to you in the project:

  • Paint a small circle with blue food coloring in your tongue.
  • Take a photo of your tongue when you have painted it, and send it by the app.
  • Clint the small dots that stand out because of its whiter tone, in the blue part of the tongue.