Open Science Cambre Slogans

Like all fairs, Open Science Cambre has a series of slogans that are its hallmark and show, in a few words, the intention of its organisers.

Forbidden NOT to touch

The philosophy of the rural fairs is similar to any other science fair. The Cambre Open Science will follow the same model, moreover, to make it more visible, the science fair will take place at the same time as the Cambre fair. Both have a common denominator: the public can "try" the goods before deciding to take them away. Visitors, parents, teachers or pupils will be able to observe and experience first-hand the experiences of young and adult researchers. At our fair it is forbidden NOT to touch.

It is forbidden NOT to copy

An open science fair is based on the capacity we have to share our experiences, offer them to others and make them replicable in other centres or other environments. Educators, parents, teachers, monitors, we must stop being ashamed of copying. We will all have to adapt it to our environment and combine it with new ideas. From Open Science Cambre we only ask that reference is made to the original work and its creator, so we can say that in our fair it is forbidden NOT to copy.

Fair organised by and for young people

Science fairs are a meeting place between young people from different places who show their projects to the visiting public. The main characters , the young people, improve their communication and interactivity skills in different languages, their social and entrepreneurial skills and of course, their scientific and technological skills. The Open Science of Cambre is a fair organized by and for young people.

The families are welcoming

Visiting other cities is often a unique experience for students working on their science projects during the year. Cambre Open Science has shown the customs and way of life of our environment, therefore, we have created a group of welcoming families to receive in their homes students coming from nearby places like Vigo, Ourense or Santiago, distant places like Andalusia, Catalonia, Madrid or the Basque Country or much more distant places like Lithuania, Holland, Czech Republic or Italy.

We care about referents

One of the premises of an open science fair is to normalise the presence of all kinds of disadvantaged groups. We offer role models, people who improve their social role through science and technology.

Science is fun

Science fairs allow for an improvement in the relationship between teachers and students, generating a change in methodology that is much more effective in the long term. Students do not forget what they learn, because they are not being told about it, they are experiencing it. If, in addition, this experience is fun and surprising, then we are in the Open Science of Cambre: shows, competitions, scientific cafés, Escape Room. A whole range of activities to show that science is fun.