In 2020 COVID-19 radically separated us from science fairs in the way we were used to. We were able to adapt to celebrate Open Science Cambre 2020 and it turned out better than we could have expected, with a minimal in-person part for the population of Cambre and surroundings and an online part for all those people who wanted to join through the streaming of the different events, sending a video about their projects or participating in the online activities, such as the Esports.

Above all, even though Galician schools and organizations can take part in face-to-face participation at the Open Science Cambre 2021, due to the outgoing situation, we will not be able to fully recover face-to-face participation.

If you are not Galician schools or organizations and you are interested, we encourage you to take part in the Open Science Xove via online. Despite the fact that you won´t be able to present your projects in person, people from everywhere will be watching them on our online web.

Do not hesitate to participate and present your projects!

Open Science Cambre 2021 ONLINE Call