Project Objectives


1- Learning Science and Technology as a tool to employment and social inclusion. These competences are more and more important and the demand of qualified workers in Europe is still high.


2-Foster each student’s academic achievement so they are responsible for their own learning process and as a way to avoid school drop as much as possible.


3-Implement a non-formal learning, personalized and collaborative, by taking advantage of the educational resources on the ViSH platform.


4-Improve students’ cross-curricular competences, particularly the digital and foreign languages ones.


5- Offer students new innovative approaches  that will make them more involved in their self-learning, promoting their own creativity, initiative, teamwork and responsibility for their own work.


6-Bring forward the cooperation of European countries to improve the communication among different cultures, increase employment possibilities and widen the work choice.


7- Encourage the use of tools to acknowledge the competences acquired non-formally through this project, such as the use of Europass by the participants.